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Some children have fun drawing their own pictures to illustrate Ben Stories. To date there is about eight Ben Nevis Stories in the series. He's a very mischievous but very lovable dog.


Ginger Mittens

Elaine Ingalls Hogg

My Dog

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Ben Nevis won the first "Wacky Pet Photo/Story Contest" for October on Contests

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis is an absolutely adorable, beguiling, beloved combination of dare devil and an ever-faithful friend. He is a genuine hole-digger and an industrious junior king-of-the-castle. He is a loveable lapdog with a mischievous notion that he is no ordinary pampered pet; quite rambunctious, a scheming troublemaker displaying unconquerable vagrant waywardness. X represents his unlimited quantity of youthful energy. He is a Zippy, Zappy, Zaney Zealous Dog

The White West Highland Terror!


Ben Nevis in the Dryer

Ben Nevis Is In Trouble Again
(C) 1998 Elaine Ingalls Hogg

Ben Nevis was growing up but he still had some mischief in him. What would he do next? He could sit when he was told. He did not chew slippers and shoes. He did not chew telephone cords and he did not tug the tablecloth off the table. Elaine would take him visiting. She brushed his fur. She cleaned his paws. When he was all ready, she took him for a car ride to visit a friend named Rilla.
Rilla invited Ben to sit in her livingroom. But this was his first time visiting so Elaine put his lead under a chair leg so he could not reach the plants and ornaments. Ben listened to Elaine and Rilla talk. After awhile he curled up and went to sleep.
Ben heard Christmas music and he dreamed about what he would find in his stocking. Rilla and Elaine were busy putting ornaments on the Christmas tree. All was quiet. Too quiet!
Suddenly, the silence was shattered.
Thump, bang, crash! What was that? Elaine looked. She saw a little white dog chasing a yellow cat named Ginger Mittens. The cat was sleeping under the sofa. When Ginger Mitts woke up from her nap, she was sure she saw a monster. She h-i-s-s-e-d at the white monster. Her fur stood straight up. Her eyes grew as big as her milk saucer. Ginger Mittens was scared. She did not like monsters. She ran as fast as her four paws would go. Ginger Mittens went straight for the basement to find a good hiding spot.

Ben chased kitty. But he had a problem. He was still fastened to the leg of the large chair. He pulled the chair behind him. Every time Ben moved, Christmas ornaments fell on the floor. Books, and plants and lamps fell on the floor. "Ben Nevis," Elaine said in a loud voice.
Ben was in trouble again!