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This book is not just about pet loss but loss in general. An important faction in this book that is not often seen is how the family heals and begins to recall good times. I recommend this book for those 5 to 10 years old." Trudy Weathersby on

The whole quote by Trudy Weathersby.

Elaine Ingalls Hogg

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"In the 118-page When Canada Joined Cape Breton, there are photographs of individuals and moments and memories that make the book a valuable part of any Cape Breton library, and as the massive plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary this year (August 7th-14th) unfold from the planning headquarters at the Creamery, Elaine Ingalls Hogg’s book is certain to become a near biblical presence in the hands of those returning for the sheer joy of crossing the Causeway once again." Frank MacDonald The Inverness Oran - April 5, 2005

"You are perhaps too close to it to recognize it, but the book has a 'spirit' of its own.  Your book is like a box of cookies sent from home, a home that all of us know we cannot return to, a plate of cookies that Mom sent because she cared, a plate of sweet memory cookies that we want to hold on to and to savor, a plate of cookies that must be made to last for as long as possible." Bernie MacDonald - Ontario

"All in all, it's a wonderful collection of recollections, facts and pictures detailing the history and background of the search for a permanent crossing of the Strait, the building of the Causeway and its aftermath." April issue of The Cape Bretoner




"The book is beautifully written."  Donna D'Amour, author, co-ordinator of the Write Club, Port Hawkesbury, NS

'Remembering Honey' Recommended in CBRA 2000 Children's Picture Books, p441. "The easy flowing narrative is gentle yet truthful, and the soft, serene illustrations of the idyllic family with their beloved pet complemennt perfectly the peaceful tone of the book. 'Remembering Honey' is a sensitive story presented in an attractive format." - Deborah Dawson (Ages 4-8)

Remembering Honey

# 1) Remembering Honey by Elaine Ingalls Hogg. A personal favorite of mine. This book is written by a popular Canadian author who works with grieving children. Her insight has produced a book in which parents, teachers, and caregivers can use to explore a child's feelings about death.

"Not since Judith Viorsts 'The Tenth Good Thing About Barney' have we had such a sensitive, realistic portrayal of a family coming to terms with the death of their pet." CanLit for Kids in Outstanding Recently Published Canadian Children's Books.

"The subject matter is dealt with in an excellent manner, allowing the young children to mourn the loss of their pet in a very natural way........This book is very well written and is believable and realistic. It would be most useful to young readers who may be dealing with this issue/problem in their lives." Shannon Danylko

Quoted recently in Volume 6 #1, Resource Links Newsletter...Connecting Classrooms, Libraries & Canadian Learning Resources where 'Remembering Honey' earned an "E" (Excellent) rating.
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"Stories ideal for young dog lovers" "Hogg, a longtime worker in the field of palliative care, has an important message to share with young people dealing with loss. She provides a story that will help children begin to talk about similar experiences.". . .Lian Goddall, published in the St. Catherine's Standard, Guelph Mercury and the Owen Sound Sun Times

Helping kids deal with death "Elaine Hogg wrote what she knew. Remembering Honey addresses the sensitive topics of death and grief from a child's perspective." Skana Gee,
The Daily News