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Elaine Ingalls Hogg


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About the Author

Contact the author:E-mail to Elaine

A few years ago, Elaine turned to writing stories for her three small grandchildren. After a number of people expressed an interest in her first story, 'Grandma Loves You', Elaine self-published it using children's artwork. A love of children and story telling has led to numerous invitations to speak at schools, libraries and literacy events.

Her school presentations are organised to meet the individual classroom teacher's goals for their class. They have ranged from dramatic readings of stories about the legends and places she has travelled to the mischievous capers of her pet dog, Ben Nevis, winner of's first Wacky Pet/Photo/Story contest. She also demonstrates the stages of writing a book from the time the first ideas are put on paper to the finished product.

She is a palliative care volunteer and has been a guest speaker on the Role of the Volunteer and Communication at training workshops throughout Cape Breton and eastern mainland of Nova Scotia.

Based on her experiences in Palliative Care and with the encouragement of a co-worker, Elaine Ingalls Hogg wrote the award-winning, children's book, 'Remembering Honey'. The book is fully illustrated and was written to help young children understand terminal illness, death and bereavement.

'Remembering Honey' has earned a place on the year 2000 Resource Links List of Best Picture Books and the Marianna Dempster Award presented by the NS Branch of the Canadian Author's Association

Elaines writing credits include:
"On Directed Paths"  July/August Issue of Catherine Magazine
Article on Palliative Care in the Kings County Record, July 22/03
Several Devotionals on the PCC Daily Website
The UpperRoom, July 29, 03

"Little Changes" in Chicken Soup for the Volunteer

CBC Radio - 'Little Changes' July 3, 2002
'Sarah's Legacy' on CBC Outfront, January 8, 2002 

Other CBC readings include:First Person Singular-'The Homecoming', 'Victoria's Secret', poems and articles.

Freelance articles on subjects such as Palliative Care and family history for THE NB READER, THE REPORTER, THE ISLAND TIMES and THE QUODDY TIDES.

Inspirational stories in 'God Allows U-Turns, Volume Two', and in Essence Treasury: Celebrating the Season 2001.

'Grandma's Once upon a Time Stories', published in 'The Reporter', 'The Island Times' and 'Parents 'n' Kids'.

Christmas Stories include: 'The Invitation', 'Whiskers the Cat', 'Christmas in Denmark', 'Santa's Late for Christmas', 'Mom's Christmas', 'Christmas in the Little House by the Sea', 'December Days', published in 'The Reporter' as well as a number of these selections in 'The Island Times".

Served as a reviewer for the upcoming book, 'Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul'.

Elaine is also available for public speaking engagements on the subject of writing, Palliative Care or the Role of the Volunteer.

If you would like me to do a presentation at your school or to your group please contact me.

Presentations for P-6 children usually involves looking at how a story is developed from the idea stage to the finished product, a display of my writings, including the self-published book, Grandma Love You and Remembering Honey-published by Nimbus Publishing Ltd. as well as other freelance articles and published stories about my childhood. Others aspects of the presentation includes:

1. Encouraging the teacher to use my site to introduce me to the students prior to my arrival.
2. Reading stories to the students.
3. Talking about how stories are made and demonstrating by making up a story together.
4. Question period
5. Challenging the students to write their own story

Presentations to other groups could cover such topics as Family History, my role as a Palliative Care Volunteer, and my writing, including my experience as a reviewer for the upcoming Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul.

Rates are those suggested by WFNS in their Writer's In The Schools Program.

Contact me

Contact Information: (Please note, I've moved from Port Hawkesbury, NS to New Brunswick.

Mail: 3 Sunset Court,  Smiths Creek, NB  E4G 2T8 

If you or your child wants to tell me about their pet or special friend please contact me.