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This story is in the November 2002 newsletter at:

Elaine Ingalls Hogg

Ben Nevis Finds a Home

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From the series of Ben Nevis Stories

This story was first published on  September 2001


Ben Nevis Finds A Home

       (C) 2002 Elaine Ingalls Hogg

Please do not copy without the written permission of the author.

Aidan Alexander had one wish. When he woke up in the morning he said, "I wish," but his mother said, "Shhh! I know what you are wishing and you can't have it. But Aidan Alexander wished his wish every morning. He wished his wish when he went to school and he wished his wish when he went to bed at night. Aidan Alexander said, "I wish I had a real live wiggly puppy."

One day a small white puppy named Ben Nevis came to visit Aidan at his home.

"Oh look, a real live wiggly puppy!" Aidan exclaimed. "My wish came true!"

"Well he's only here for a visit," Mrs. Alexander told her son. "I don't want a puppy around this house. Puppies are too messy."

"But mom, this puppy is so cute. I think that every small boy should have a puppy," Aidan whispered his wish in the puppy's floppy white ear. I hope Ben can stay, he thought, then my wish will come true. I will have a real live wiggly puppy at last.

Ben chased his tail and Aidan laughed. Ben crawled on top of Aidan and put his big white paws on his tummy. He chewed his hair and kissed his ears. Aidan and Ben were friends.

At noon time Aidan's mother called him to come for lunch. Ben was watching. Ben was waiting. He wanted his lunch too. Mrs. Alexander did not give Ben any lunch. So he put his small pink mouth around the tablecloth and he tugged. The bowl moved a teensy weensy bit. He tugged again. The bowl moved a teensy weensy bit closer. This time when he tugged the bowl moved so fast that it fell on the floor! Crash!

"Look at this mess! I told you that little dogs are messy," Mrs. Alexander scolded.

"Ben, be good," Aidan whispered in the puppy's floppy ear. "I want you to stay at my house."

After lunch Ben and Aidan went for a walk.

Aidan said, "Let's play hide and seek." Aidan hid in the closet. Ben's small black nose went sniff, sniff. He smelled Aidan in the closet. But he smelled something else in the closet too, a fuzzy pair of blue slippers. He put the fuzzy blue slippers in his mouth and he began to chew. "No, no," whispered Aidan. "Give me those slippers Ben." Aidan pulled on the slipper. Ben pulled on the slipper too. Aidan pulled harder. Ben pulled harder too. Ben tugged one way and Aidan tugged the other. Aidan pulled on one side and Ben pulled on the other and the slipper went R-I-I-I-P! R-I-I-I-P!

"What was that?" Mrs. Alexander came running and when she saw her fuzzy blue slipper, she was not very happy. No, Mrs. Alexander was not happy at all! Mrs. Alexander scolded Ben. "Don't eat my slippers," she said in an angry voice.

Ben sat on the mat and went to sleep. When he woke up Mrs. Alexander was talking on the phone. The long red cord hung down right in front of Ben's small black nose. Ben began to chew. He chewed a tiny weeny bit then he chewed a tiny weeny bit more. At last he chewed the telephone cord in two. Mrs. Alexander stopped talking on the phone. But she started talking at Ben Nevis. In fact she was talking in a very loud voice.

"Ben you have to be a good puppy if you want to stay in this house," Mrs. Alexander said in her loud voice. Ben listened. "Woof, woof!" he said. Then Ben Nevis did the worst thing that a puppy can do. He peed on Mrs. Alexander's clean floor.

"Ben Nevis I don't want a puppy that pulls the dishes off the table. I don't want a puppy that rips my best fuzzy blue slippers. I don't want a puppy that chews the telephone cord when I'm talking on the phone. But most of all I don't want a puppy that pees on my floor!" And she sat down to think what she should do with the messy puppy named Ben Nevis.

Ben saw Mrs. Alexander's empty lap. This was his very last chance. He ran over and crawled up on her lap. He sat ever so quietly. She gave him a few pats but she did not look at him. She gave him a few more pats. He kissed her ear."Look Aidan," Mrs. Alexander said. "I think Ben Nevis likes me."  And that is how Ben Nevis found his new home.