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Elaine Ingalls Hogg

Inspirational Writings
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The Preacher Who Lost His Voice

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Eleven of my favourite devotionals were selected for publication in "Cup of Comfort Devotionals" - September 2004

The Preacher Who Lost His Voice

(From Winter Issue 2005 of Wesleyan Life)
Elaine Ingalls Hogg is a freelance writer who lives in Smiths Creek, New Brunswick, Canada


At first it was frustrating to think God called me to be a preacher, and then took something as important as my speech away from me.” These were the thoughts of Darrick Lareva, nearly two years after he had a terrible accident on his way home to Michigan from Bethany Bible College in Sussex, NB, to spend Christmas with his family.


Great Future

In 1998, when Darrick was 16 and still in high school, he worked for a brokerage firm stuffing envelopes. When he started, he was the lowest paid person on the chart; but when he finished, he was a Branch Office Administrator.  Told he could be a broker when he finished college, he was sitting in front of the New York Stock Exchange on a warm, spring day, thinking about his dream; when God spoke to him about becoming a minister.  He said, “At first I fought with God, but that day I gave over my desires to work for myself and make a broker’s salary to answer God’s call to become a preacher.  I never felt so sure of something in my life!”


Changed Plans

Darrick was attending Bethany, and in the process of training for his call, when the car in which he was a passenger left the ice-covered road and plunged over a steep embankment near Skowhegan, Maine, on December 14, 2002. Because of the severe head injuries, blood clots, and bone fragments in the right side of his brain, his physicians told Diane Malone, Darrick’s mother, “Get used to seeing your son like this. We don’t expect him to come out of the coma, or be off the respirator. His central brain has stopped working.” However, God had called this young man to preach, and He had different plans.


A “New” Voice 

God’s miracles began early. On the day of the accident, a mail carrier saw the car going out of control, and called the ambulance even before the car came to rest. Not only that, the car following was full of medical professionals, who provided emergency medical attention at the scene of the accident.


Sixteen months after his accident Darrick Lareva, slow in gait, moved awkwardly down the aisle at Sussex Wesleyan Church.  Standing on the platform before nearly four hundred people, he smiled at the audience. And in his quiet, “after-the-accident” voice, he said: “We all have handicaps in one way or another, but why not tell God you are ready to hand that handicap over to him.” He challenged the listeners. “God wants your problems; you don’t have to carry your burdens alone.”


Darrick has returned to Bethany Bible College, where he is pursuing his degree in pastoral ministry. God gave the young preacher a “new voice” to share the message of His power over life’s sudden change of plans. •



A Tribute to Lila


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