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Elaine Ingalls Hogg

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September 23, 2006
Third place for fiction in
Inscribe Christian Fellowship's Fall contest


June 6, 2006
Top Canadian Christian writers compete for awards
The Record's Heaven & Earth columnist among those shortlisted
     Smiths Creek--Kings County Record columnist Elaine Ingalls Hogg of Smiths Creek is shorlisted for the Word Guild Writing Awards for Christian writing.
     She is nominated for The Preacher Who Lost His Voice, in the category of Profile/Human Interest article. The article was published by Wesleyan Life in Indianapolis, Indiana.
     The awards are sponsored by The Word Guild, a national association with the mandate of connecting, developing and promoting Canadian writers and editors who are Christian. Te contest recognizes the most outstanding work published during 2005 in 30 categories.
Marianna Dempster Memorial Award


On November 25, 2000,
The Canadian Authors Association, Nova Scotia Branch
awarded Elaine Ingalls Hogg
in recognition of outstanding literary
achievement and performance.

Phyllis Johnson, daughter of Marianna Dempster
presented Elaine the prize for her recently published book, Remembering Honey.